Looking for a best practice for tracking WIP with flat rate billing with Karbon to TSheets to QBO

  • 28 January 2021
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We are looking to switch form our current software to Karbon, but the time and billing is hard for me to grasp. Right now we have several flat rate billed clients. We book WIP to the flat rate invoice and keep an eye on our margins. I cannot seem to find a way to do this in the Karbon to TSheets to QBO integration pathway. Maybe I’m missing something?

3 replies

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Does anyone use TSheets?


Hi Max,

We are still testing in trial, but my firm uses T-Sheets.  We currently manually track time in T-Sheets which I sync to QBO, then when I bill the time shows  up to bill to the customer.  If I bill flat rate, I clear the time and bill the flat rate.  If I bill hourly, then the time is in QBO for billing. 

I was planning to track time in Karbon by job (plan to enter budgets for recurring jobs).  Then sync to T-Sheets, to QBO (then pick up same process as above).

We recently moved most of our clients to flat rate monthly billing, so I plan to run reports in QBO which show total time per client at the billable rate, so I can keep an eye margins as well.  I hope this helps!


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That does help. I’m concerned about how WIP is handled. It seems a little sloppy.