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  • 28 August 2023
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My logo is too small on the invoice template. How do I re-size it?


Best answer by SamG 29 August 2023, 00:41

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5 replies

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@Steve Wortman I don’t believe it’s possible to resize at this stage 🙂

I note we have a large logo uploaded in Branding settings and it is in the top left corner of an invoice.

You could try uploading a larger logo or a different design to the Branding settings, but if your logo is already filling the small square in the top left, it may be all that is possible at the moment.

@Hannah Faesenkloet, is that right?


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Correct @SamG There is a max height we have set for the logo at this stage. We are looking to allow for more customisation in the future :) 

@Steve Wortman could you send through a screenshot like sam did above of how small it is? 

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Thanks I found another logo that fits the square space and I like it better. 

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Thats great to hear! 

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We are having the same issue. Is there any word on an update to make the invoices more customizable and change the size/location of the logo?