Karbon Practice Intelligence: Field that should be available is not available for use in a measure

  • 11 November 2022
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Per this article:


The budgeted cost for a work item.

is an available field in table: WORK_ITEM_DETAILS

When I try and create a measure in that table, I can’t use the field BUDGETED_COST.

Anybody know how to resolve?


Best answer by max 11 November 2022, 18:21

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4 replies

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Following!  We can’t get this either.  

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It’s generally good practice to nest measures, and the first argument for a calculate function is a calculation.

I would recommend adding a measure like this:

msr-bud-cost = SUM(BUDGETED_COST)

Then nest that measure in your calculate statement:

msr-bud-cost-filtered = CALCULATE(msr-bud-cost, department = "Accounting", etc., etc.)

Does that work better?

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Thanks @max, that’s my rookie mistake 😅 apparently our PowerBI expert had tried it within a calculation function but it didn’t work, it is now though 🙂

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It should work both ways, but there are some technical and arcane reasons why it makes sense to nest the measures like that.