Karbon not allowing client requests to email addresses with our domain

  • 3 November 2022
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We have some clients that we do their bookkeeping and we want to send them client requests. However, the email address associated with that client is one with our domain, and Karbon does not allow client requests to be sent to addresses with your own domain.

I was wondering if you have the same issue and how you are getting around that.


Thank you


Best answer by max 10 November 2022, 22:54

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3 replies

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Hi @Joel Breier, I apologize that it took so long for someone to get back to you on this! 😀

We don’t have customers in the email same domain… that’s an interesting problem. Are you on O365 or Google Workspace or something else?

In either case, everyone on your domain probably already has two email addresses. if your email was, your secret second emails are something like:

Both email addresses go to the same inbox. Check your admin portal for exact addresses.

Alternatively, you could purchase a secondary domain, attach it to your system in the email admin portal and create alias email addresses for the people that need them (or possibly for all users, if that was easier).

I don’t know if that’s helpful at all.

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@max Works!!

Thank you!!!

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Nice! 😀