Karbon AI -- What do you hate? What do you love?

  • 14 August 2023
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I’ve challenged myself to only send emails generated from draft. I tidy them up and change them if needed, but I’m trying to learn how to prompt the AI to get what I want quickly. Overall, it’s been surprisingly helpful with some hilarious flubs.

I have not started experimenting with the email item in a work item that generates from a predefined set of prompts, but I think that will be amazing based on what I’ve seen so far.

I’m curious how others are using the AI? What makes you love it? What makes you hate it?

@Silvia Evans, I saw your post about it here:

I’m curious what about it you love. 😁

7 replies

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Hi Max, 

We love the summary feature, which captures the important details from multiple lengthy e-mails chains, in a nice neat summary box. 

My colleague, Josh, is liking the help fine-tuning up his e-mail drafts with AI. 

We are quite excited about where this is going, and I am glad Karbon did it, so I don’t have to actually go play with ChatGPT, myself.  Although I have watched quite a bit of content on AI, I like the fact that Karbon is acting as a buffer between me and ChatGPT (or whatever it is).  I am gaining practical, useful AI experience, without the fear factor.  

It feels alot safer.  



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Nice! I have used the summary feature before mentioning a colleague in a comment to an email. Very helpful.

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@max I need to force myself to use the AI draft response more, like you did.  It’s hard to get out of the habit of reading through a whole email thread, then typing up a response.  When I do use the draft response, it is extremely helpful!

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I agree! I haven’t pushed it on the team yet, but I want to do a little contest or something to get people using it. I’m curious if anyone has had wide adoption by their team yet.

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I totally agree with you @Silvia Evans and @max 

I use the AI as a starting point and have been very happy.  I have heard from some team members that are ‘obsessed’ with the summary feature, we have also had the comment that it does not understand sarcasm which can be quite funny!

I have been working at getting the team onboard but it has been a quiet adoption, we have set a training session next month to light a fire, I am confident once they see it in action they will be hooked.  

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We got access to the Beta today and we LOVE it!

It seems like the Summarize feature doesn’t work with notes (yet…?) - am I missing something? If it’s not possible, I’ll make a feature request!

We are trialing AI before a wider roll out. 

Only problem we have come across to date is that you can not remove the 'summary'.  I feel this could be important if you feel it has missed anything critical or taken anything out of context.  Anyone come across any solutions for this.