Is there any option to Unlock Colleague's Week

  • 14 June 2023
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Is there any option to unlock my colleague’s week. I am trying to view my colleague’s task lists to assist my manager, however it seems to be locked. Please help.

Please find the screenshot below for your reference.





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4 replies

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I don’t know about unlocking, but you can go to Todos or work (filtering for assigned work and involved in work) and see these as well.

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@Arun Poojari only the individual user can lock/unlock their MyWeek for others to get full visibility. As @Terri Warren said, you can get some details in To Do/Assignments and Work Views, and you can allocate work to specific weeks for users, but the individual would need to go into their settings to unlock My Week and make it visible to all.

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I believe there’s a setting your colleague must choose to allow people to view their week.

Here’s a help article that talks about it:

Thank you everyone for finding me the solution🙂