Is there a way to scrub my Contacts?

  • 2 January 2024
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My contact list has grown endlessly and includes people I haven’t worked with in 2 years.  Is there a way to see when the last time someone had Work associated with them so I could quickly run through and delete old/unused contacts?

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Great question @Kevin Dodgson 🙂

I don’t know of anything that exists inside Karbon, but you could export your contacts to excel and export your work to excel and identify those without work for a long time.

You could even create a hyperlink within excel using information that is exported to take you directly to the contact in Karbon.

Are you sure you want to delete them though? See here what happens when you delete a contact in Karbon:

There is a feature idea request for the ability to Archive Contacts - consider voting for that if it sounds of interest:

And this request as well:

Does that help? 🙂