Is anyone else experiencing any lag when using the search tool?

  • 25 July 2023
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I am not sure if this is widespread or just our environment. But as of this week, I have experienced a lag with the search tool in Karbon CRM. As simple task to search a client contact for example. 


Anyone else experiencing this too? 

9 replies

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We have been majorly lagging; today is worse than some, but it's definitely been a consistent issue for us.

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I'm not experiencing any issues in search, or elsewhere. On Monday Karbon did go completely black on me and wouldn't load at all and I cleared cookies and cache and it fixed it straight away and hasn't happened since. Have you tried that? 🙂

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@SamG we have tried that as well as different browsers, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference (our entire team experiences the lagging)

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Our office is experiencing the same lag in search across all all users and computers. I believe it started with an update when the “All” tab appeared on the search screen. 

We’re also seeing that recent work items are not populating when using the “Add to Timeline” function. You can still search for the items but it was really nice when the recent items populated because that’s generally where you’re tagging emails/notes. 

We’ve tried clearing cache, incognito mode, different computers. It’s an update that the software engineers need to review. 

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We are seeing the same, along with not being able to pull up recent work or contacts to select on the Add to Timeline, nor when trying to add members to a Client Group. 

I am also not able to activate the Chat from the Help and Support link from within Karbon.  Is anyone else having this issue too?

Sorry to hear that you all are experiencing this issue! My team is aware and we will be looking into it. You all will be receiving an email from Support as our team needs to review this further.


For future issues as such, please contact directly so that our team can troubleshoot with you. Thank you! 


@kylenecarse @Kim Clemmer @Matthew Meyer @Linda Skrla 

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Thank you @Aliesa Jackson!

@kylenecarse we can access the chat ok. We are having the same issues with adding to timelines.

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Thank you @Aliesa Jackson !!

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A workaround for the lag issue for now: 

If you know you are looking for a specific type of item when searching, choose that type instead of leaving it on All.  If looking for a contact, choose contact.  If looking for a work item, choose work. I have found that if I choose what I want to see instead of waiting for All types to populate, the search goes back to being quick again.