IPM Contact/Organization Sync Steps for Tech Stack

  • 16 September 2022
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For Contact Sync I have the following products that I would like to all sync.  I can use Zapier if needed, but I doubt that is the case.  I believe the order for connecting the products to avoid duplicates etc. is:

  1. Connect Lacerte Tax (I use IPM)
  2. Connect QBO (just QBO not time)
  3. Connect Ignition
  4. Stay away from Google Contact Sync unless that is just doable for the My Contacts section.

Just setting up now, so want to think twice and sync once:)




2 replies

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Hi Tom

We will need to work with the IPM team and our API team for your questions, will be forwarding on to IPM Support for further assistance.  If any questions please email me directly at or our IPM Support Manager

Thanks, always happy to help



Hi Tom,

The exchange of information between IPM, Lacerte, and QBO is managed by Intuit. You will need to check in with them if there is any issue syncing between those three applications. I do not believe you will need to have Ignition (or Zapier) to successfully sync information between the Intuit branded applications.


If there something more you are looking to do by adding Ignition, please refer to the help articles below for additional information:


Thank you