Internal work, do you make your firm a “billable client” to make Work cards?

  • 29 October 2022
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Does anyone use work/tasks for internal projects?  Do you add your firm as a “client”? So the work can be created?

Example: if we had a repeating work card for invoicing clients, a junior internal team member compiles the completed client work into client invoices, and we have senior internal team member review before sending invoices to the clients.  Would make sense to have this be a repeating “work card” so this can be tracked.  And if one of the team members moves on their “tasks” can be reassigned.


Does anyone handle internal work this way and if so do you make your firm a “client” for the section “who to bill to”?

Does anyone do something different than make a “work” card for internal work?

6 replies

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All of my work is internal and the team is my client. So I use this process daily. Here’s my tips:

Instead of creating on on “org” as a client to track internal workflows or clients:

  1. Create an Organization contact for the purpose or team within the firm. Assign the client type for easy sorting of contacts as “internal”. Then you can track and reassign easily the work in a more sorted way with saved views and My week.  Example: Practice Ops, management team, industry specific teams, recruiting, training. 
  2. Create the work types and statuses needed for those internal sort of “clients”. Such as team updates, admin, recruiting, new hire onboarding, internal (I use “internal” one for team specific projects such as efficiency reworking of processes, etc.)
  3. Utilize the privacy feature to determine visibility in the work and conversations. Then add the desired people to the client team of the organization on the details tab. This is helpful in recruiting efforts, management discussions, and reducing noise for team members that don’t need to see the conversations.
  4. Choosing an internal org client is also better to retain the work when someone leaves. Upon offboarding a colleague, anything that has the team member as the “client” will be deleted. So these internal orgs helps retain needed info. 
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Hi @Nick Britt 

We also utilize ‘Internal’ contacts for internal work orders/projects, with appropriate privacy settings, workflow and automators.  It works very well and best of all keeps everything in one place so planning and prioritizing is easy to manage.

@Terri Warren’s points covered it very well.  We do not have the internal work statuses - yet!  I love that idea.

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Hi @Nick Britt, we also use the Karbon work system to handle internal work. We use the time and billing function, so our staff need a work item against which to log time when doing internal work.

@Terri Warren’s points are great, and we also have orgs in our contacts for different work teams like “Managers” and “HR” which we use with privacy settings to make sure only the appropriate people see the information inside.

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@Nick Britt We also use internal contacts/organizations! We have a few internal work types too so we can customize statuses and better filter the work. @Terri Warren left some great points that are in line with how we use them!


We’ve also recently brought our internal tech support ticketing into Karbon. We created a work type for tech tickets, and whenever anyone needs anything they create a piece of work for the client using that type. They will then add any information or tag any emails to that piece of work. Our tech support then has dashboards for the work. If the tech is for something internal/not client specific, one of the internal organizations is used as the client.

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We also have several internal clients.

  • Internal Admin Work - This is used for tasks like updating work items to a template, creating work items, etc.  Basically, anything that is for the benefit of the firm operating smoothly gets booked here.
  • Internal Client Work - This is used when the work benefits clients, but is not something we bill them for.  This could be pulling transcripts to track the receipt of a mailed return, updating work items for a specific client, etc.

This process has helped us get better KPI data and more accurately track time.

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It sounds like a lot of people are using Karbon for internal work, which makes sense.  Thanks everyone for the process suggestions.