Insights feature in Karbon

  • 28 September 2021
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Good Day!

How to know what are those work item related to this open work? Is there any way to extract the data? 

I hope someone could help me this. Thanks. 

3 replies

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Hi Eduard

I don't think that there is a way to extract this data from the the front end, but I know that you can see when and who changed the due date on the specific work item, in the timeline. 

If the data is in Karbon though, it has to be in a database. Perhaps logging a request might help?

Hi Cuan

Thanks for your help. However, I was trying to extract data to know specifically the work item and the assignee as well who move the due date to open work. 

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Eduard, I agree with you. I expect that when you click the bar in the insights, it will give you the next level of details, like work items included in the bar statistics. To be honest, Karbon seems a work-in-progress rather than a full functioning product. for example, the contact interface, the feature, and function are not well designed as well. I can see Karbon has some good points made, but I really need it to speed up and becoming more functional and matured. Considering the fee (I think Karbon is the most expensive one for peer products), I am a bit disappointed.