Individual Team Member Write Off Reporting

How does everyone track their write offs per team member?

When we run a report it only shows the time over budget for the whole job and who the assignee is but not a breakdown of each team member.

We have no way to track if a non assignee goes over their part of a work item? (Other than going into each job individually)



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Hi @AnaLukac, we are not tracking that information right now. My efforts are mostly focused on finding the average time per role per work type. I use that to allocate resources more effectively and am not too worried if a particular staff member goes over time on a particular work item unless it creates a trend.

Here’s an article about TAKT Time, which is what I’m using in my example above to manage work flow.

I don’t think that’s the answer you were looking for, and I’m curious what other community members are doing to handle your particular situation.

Hi Max,

Thanks so much for getting back to me. 

Yes I understand what you are saying and we were also using a similar method however recently we have had issues with jobs going over budgets and it would be great it we could run monthly reports to see who is going over budget consistently on an individual basis. 

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There’s a team at Karbon that exports data reports like that for clients. I know it’s a higher support tier and I think there’s an extra cost, but you could ask support to be put in contact with your rep to see if there’s a report they can pull that will give you that information.

I know that the API does not currently support budget information. The time export does not show budget information, either. The work export rolls up the budget to the work item level, so that’s not useful.

I don’t think there’s a report that shows you what you want.

I have an API report that pulls everyone’s time, and you could use something like that to compare staff average time across a work items, but that only works if you have a stable process for the particular work type.

It looks like the only direct way to get access to the information you want is to manually go into the work items and check time. Someone else might have a better idea. I have lots of ideas, but generally never the best ones, lol.

Thanks Max, haha yes we are trying to avoid the manual process of someone going into each work item we have so many!

What API report do you use?

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I’m currently building it to what I described above. I plan to share it here on the community when I figure some stuff out that isn’t working as expected, lol.

Anything API-related is DYI.