• 15 December 2022
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How do I make a client inactive if they don’t have any work? Because it just gives me the option to just delete but I don’t want to delete them.

4 replies

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@Kiersten Bacocini Welcome to the Karbon Community!

Currently there isn’t a way to make a contact inactive or to archive them. This feature is gathering interest over in the Feature Ideas forum. Head there to ‘Up Vote’ this idea.

Our team adds ZZ to the front of the contact name in order to push it to the bottom of the contact list. If it’s an individual/organization with an email address, you can also remove the email address from the contact card so that doesn’t populate as a suggested address when sending an email. 

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@Kiersten Bacocini @jens Are you using Contact Types? We have a type called “Churned” so once an engagement is complete the contact type is changed. This means we can filter them out a bit more easily. 

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We do the same as above.  Add ‘ZZZ’ to the front of hte Client names, as well as change them to a Client Type called ‘Archived’.

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We have an inactive client type.  If you download your contact list to Excel and convert it to a table, you can filter out all inactive client types.  You can also filter for internal contacts, vendors, other professionals, etc. 

  • Go to your settings in the left-side ribbon
  • Contact settings
  • Add contact type