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I was just exploring the client export and import functions. We are part of the beta testing for billing in Karbon, and I have just signed up for the XPM integration as well.


We need to do a fair bit of work with respect to updating our Karbon database, clients, organisations, groups, emails and addresses primarily, as XPM is our source of truth. I know we can do a bulk upload and send to Karbon to process for us if I need to.


In the interim though, if I download a client list from Karbon Contacts (either All Contacts, People, Organisations or Client Group), make changes to that list but don't touch the Karbon identifier number where there is one, then import the same updated list, will this just overwrite the existing contact details to the new detail on the list, or totally create new contacts again.


I am just after a quicker way to update our client lists, and obviously don't want to duplicate all the clients again if I modify the downloaded list, then reimport that list.


I am hoping that if there is a Karbon identifier attached to any contacts etc that I update, then it will just update these details in Karbon and not recreate a new contact?


If the XPM Sync fixes alot of this for me then I will be stoked, but I am unsure if it will or not?

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