How to view Overdue TASKS

  • 16 December 2022
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Has anyone found a way to be able to view overdue TASKS for the whole practice? Not overdue Work, I’ve got that, but I haven’t been able to view overdue tasks and haven’t found an answer to this in the Karbon community yet.

2 replies

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Hi @AngelD, welcome to the Karbon community! 😀

That’s a great question, and I think you are right that it’s not possible to see overdue tasks (notes and emails assigned with a due date) at the organization level. You’d need to go through and look at each person’s to-do list, or if you are the main person assigning tasks, you could filter this way:

Another option would be to contact your CSM as they have access to some back-end analytical tools not available to everyone. If you don’t know your CSM, contact support through the chat or at and they’ll connect you.

I’m not sure if that was helpful. LOL 😕

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Thank you! This is helpful.