How to get Client Tasks to work with multiple contacts

  • 9 September 2022
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I’m racking my brains trying to work out how to make these work with our clients. They are not working as well as I'd hoped because:

1) Client gets overwhelmed with a large volume of emails saying tasks have been updated but they can't see which one without opening all. We had a more effective process before using Trello.

2) Can't copy multiple people in on the list. Can't share a list. Pain in the bum to duplicate a list. And of course, that risks two people actioning the same task. Clients expect to be copied into tasks I am setting their team members to action to make sure that I'm progressing their job. most of our clients are quite large so in 70%+ of our clients the ToDo list would go to muliple people - Co-Directors or A Manager and the Team Member. Client Tasks is THE main reason why I signed up to Karbon but they are just not working for me.

Wondering how more experienced Karbonites are using this feature!

2 replies

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Hi @Lisa Dickson! 😀

Client tasks is one of the main reasons that we moved to Karbon as well, along with the email sharing and client timelines. Mitigating client chase and increasing staff visibility on client communication were both game changers for us.

I like the simple client task system, but it doesn’t work well for large, complex clients. Karbon is addressing this and has recently released version one of the new client portal experience where clients can create a login and see all their clients requests.

Version two will add the ability to send client tasks to multiple contacts to action items, and multiple contacts to “inform only.” I think these updates will dramatically help with the problems you bring up.

The client request notification still lacks usability. For long lists, it’s impossible to see the most recent comments. I’m not sure if there’s a fix on the roadmap for that, but if you put in a feature idea, comment the link here and I will vote for it. 😀

Does that help at all?

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Yes thanks for your feedback. I’ve put a feature request in!!

The client loved the task list but was frustrated not being able to see the tasks that I had updated without opening and scrolling through the list. In the end I had to email him and tell him which ones to prioritise which kinds defeats the point!