How to delete mass work projects

We had Karbon set up with reoccurring monthly work. But we did not start using Karbon yet. So we have a ton of past-due work projects that need to be deleted. How do you do that for mass work projects?

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Hi @Melissa Reeves 

I think you would need to do that through a bulk update with Karbon Support.

You could do it by drag and drop through the Work view.  If you display by Status you could move from whatever the current status is to Cancelled.  It would still need to be done one by one but would be much quicker than going to each item and deleting it.  If you don’t want to go the bulk update route.

You would want to set the Filters and Columns something like this to make it manageable - specifically do not display empty columns when you filter by status.  If you also have the minimum number of ‘Display’ items checked you would have the most work items per page.

Hope that helps,


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If you have someone with a little python experience, it’s pretty easy to do bulk updates like this through the API. I’d be happy to share code if you are interested in that route.

That would be great if you could send that to me.

Thanks so much, Melissa