How to create a work template or work item with NO client

  • 29 November 2021
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There are some processes each year in our tax practice that are done in bulk and are not attached to a specific client. The task in question is software updating and data rollover, although there are several more that I would like to be able to schedule in Karbon.

When I create a new work template or item, the Client field must be filled in order for me to create the work. I have tried selecting different Work Types, and that has not helped.



Best answer by Christopher T Raines 29 November 2021, 21:08

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3 replies

We add the work to our firm as the client.

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Adding on to Christopher’s response - we created an “Admin” client with our firm name + Admin - then we tag all internal admin work to this client.  

This keeps our actual company client in Karbon pure and only for the work we actually do for our firm - like tax returns and payroll and what not.

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Jarvis, you can also add a few different “clients” for your firm for different departments.  For example, Ops, HR, etc.  This is helpful if you want to restrict certain work to different team members by restricting the “client.”