How to best use "thumbs up"

  • 7 August 2023
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I noticed that when someone “thumbs up” a comment it does not notify me of the numbs up in my triage. This seems unhelpful as I would have to go back and look for the thumbs up to view the acknowledgement. How are others utilizing the “thumbs up”?

7 replies

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Hi @Madeline Miller, welcome to the Karbon community! 😁

I think thumbs up comes back to my Triage, but I’m not sure now, lol. I use it to acknowledge and close the loop on something that doesn’t require a text response. It helps me see that I already saw and acknowledged the comment if I come across it later and have a small panic attack wondering if I missed it the first time, lol. I do not use it as a way to give some an affirmative answer. If someone says, “Should I move forward with such and such work?” I always answer with text and never say “Yes” with a thumbs up. A comment I thumbs up on a regular basis is something like, “I called them back. No answer.”

I’m not sure if that’s helpful, lol. I’m curious how other people use it.

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It definitely doesn’t trigger a notification in Triage 😅 which is why we more use passively to acknowledge we’ve read something (both for our own reference as Max suggested, and the other persons*) or agree with something - *but not when it requires a response/notification to the person who left the comment we’re 👍🏾ing.

If the comment required an answer or us to do something, we would always reply “Yes/Okay/Done” rather than only a thumbs up 🙂

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I sometimes request the team to leave a 👍🏻 reaction instead of a comment so it doesn’t give me a notification! For example, if I’m sending like a “memo” to multiple people that they need to read but not necessarily action, I’ll add my own comment to the bottom, for example:


Means the team can acknowledge receipt without us all blowing up each other’s Triage. I can then go back to the note if I need and cross reference to see who hasn’t read it, or team leads can do a quick scan of their team.


As both Max and Sam said, it’s not a confirmation that an action has been taken or an answer to a question!


@Madeline Miller Here’s a feature request for reaction notifications if it’s something you think would be helpful:

and if you really want, here’s another requesting more reaction options!


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Would be good if we could view the thumbs up without having to expand the comment, so on a quick glance we know they acknowledged the comment.

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@Rebecca Williams I love your use case! I live in the same camp as Sam and Max.  It helps me know who has seen any comment AND reminds me if I have been there but we use @mentions and a typed comment for actual follow up.

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Our firm uses the Thumbs-up to note that documents uploaded to a client request have been processed and moved to their file.  They don’t always send them all at once.  This is a quick and easy method for us to check that all documents have been moved to our storage system. 

It is also another way for us to acknowledge to the client and ourselves that a comment has been read.

The thumbs-up is used to acknowledge that something has been seen.  If a specific action has been requested, we always come back and leave a note on what was done or sometimes simply comment Done.  This does trigger a notification in Triage.

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@DianeK indication files have been downloaded and organized is another great use case!!