How has your CSM helped you?

  • 27 January 2023
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We all love our CSMs (Community Success Managers).  If you are new to the community, they can assist you in a variety of ways.  

I was hoping to get community feedback on what your CSM has done in the past that helped you utilize Karbon better?  Maybe we can all get a better idea of what a CSM can do.  Hit me with your best CSM moments.

2 replies

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Ernesto has connected our firm with people at Karbon to help us with specific custom integrations. He also had an interesting idea last year about changing the work type of 1040s when they have been extended.

Right now, it’s difficult to track which work items have been extended and Ernesto came up with a way to do it.

He also ran a usage report and sent us screenshots for each person. It tells us who’s not using comments or completing work tasks, and how people use triage. Things that would be hard to see otherwise. Very helpful.

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I love this @DianeK and we definitely need to celebrate our CSMs!

@Zach Cochran and I meet for a quick 15 minute check in every month.  Sometimes I have a list of things that are on my mind, sometimes his insights or questions get my thoughts going.  Even if I just mention something he is super quick to respond and look for solutions or share best practice.  I love the reports he is able to pull as well as the human connection.

We went through the merging of two reasonably sized Karbon clients, the entire Karbon team was amazing through the process but Zach’s role in it was special.  I may or may not have been a little cranky at the onset and it was a stretching experience for all of us, I felt like Zach was there as a bridge, a liaison, and a cheerleader through it all.

I am grateful for our CSM!