How do you manage your Triage?

  • 29 December 2020
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- Do you manage on a specific frequency? 

- Do you defer/delegate or reply right away?

- Do you utilize To-do's?

Share what you have found that works- I love hearing the many ways people do things and always pick up a tip!

4 replies

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We are just getting started with Karbon, but I’m trying to encourage my team to check Triage only a few times a day, but completely clear it out by delegating, attaching to work, or creating to-dos. This way the information flows smoothly through the organization, but people are not constantly distracted by their Triage.


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As we have been transitioning to Karbon, the idea of Triage has been a simple concept to express, but people still keep emails in their triage. We are working to standardize the process of:

First thing every morning, clear Triage to zero by assigning emails to one’s self, other staff, or work items.

Then, each staff member goes to their To-Do list filtered for all items but work and all statuses but planned and complete. We update to-do deadlines and assign out what we cannot handle.

Lastly, we check on the to-do lists of our direct reports and on to-do’s assigned out by us.

Only then are we free to hit up the work Kanbans to pull work.

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The habit is somewhat hard to instill to those Outlook diehards. Particularly in a large firm.

It is my role to help them develop good habits and train managers how to enforce them. Response time is part of their performance review. Managers will be using insights filtered by their team to consider in reviews. So we built it into the daily expected habits.



Review and clear triage, including Low Priority to catch things that sneak in there.

Review and plan your workday/week via Work and Todo’s, paying close attention to the “Not assigned to (work/client/no due date)” todos and work.

All client related emails are to be assigned to client org and person timelines and work where applicable.


We also developed tips to help reduce the noise:

  • Utilize Karbon Low Priority email feature
  • Opting in and out of task notifications. If you have people doing the bulk of the work but you are responsible for seeing it through, you would be assigned the work. That defaults to all tasks presenting all comments (at mentioned or not) to be present in your triage. Turn them off on each task in recurring work so it will not populate everytime a coworker inserts comments.