How do you deal with Triage not showing whether or not someone has said something in a meeting response to you?

  • 19 October 2022
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If you send a meeting invitation from Outlook to someone else using Outlook and they respond: Accept, Decline, Tentative and edit their response to add a message to their response, Triage doesn’t show the message, only their response.

How do you deal with this?

Do you open Outlook to check every meeting response before clearing it?

Do you clear it without checking Outlook because you don’t care whether or not they added a message?

Did you not know about this?

2 replies

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I haven’t run into this, but it sounds like a bummer. Two options I can think of:

  1. Report to support chat as it sounds like a bug to me
  2. Put in a feature idea, comment the link here and I will vote for it. 😀

@Aliesa Jackson, are you able to delete Sam’s reply above, lol?

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Hey @max,

  1. I agree and I did, months ago and been waiting on an update on the investigation ever since 😓
  2. I don’t believe it is a “feature”. It’s not like RSVP buttons on an invitation.. this at it’s core is an email from someone to me that has a simple body of text which is showing in Outlook and not in Karbon (without warning). It is a fundamental flaw. Missing RSVP buttons (pre calendar integration days) you can deal with, as you know to expect them on every invitation, so when you start using Karbon and receive an invitation without RSVP buttons, you would naturally go to Outlook to accept the invitation. This is different. Not every time do you expect a message when someone responds to your meeting invitation (because it is normal to receive a response without a message). You don’t know that Karbon is not showing you something (you don’t know what you don’t know). So you have no prompt to go to Outlook to check. It is not until someone calls you out and says “I responded to your meeting invitation and said this or that”, that you think, I never saw that message, and go to find it and see that it’s in Outlook and not in Karbon. Then, with the egg on your face thanks to Karbon, you have the awkward decision to make - do I check every response in Outlook before clearing them? (Even though most of them will be blank) Or do I clear them all and accept the risk of further egg on my face? (That none of my clients would believe “What do you mean you couldn’t read my email? It was one line in Plain Text”)

The purpose of this post is both a warning to others and a place to share their support. I won’t be adding a feature idea as I don’t believe “Karbon to display in Triage an email I received in Outlook” should be a new feature, it’s what Karbon is supposed to do first and foremost.