How do I find specifics around what Karbon can/can't do?

  • 3 August 2021
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How do I find specifics around what Karbon can/can’t do?


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Hi Brooks! Can you give me a little more detail?

Are you looking for technical specifications or use cases, or something else?

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There is lots of great content on the Karbon Support site at You can search on the site for any related articles or frequently asked questions on that topic.

You can also do a search within Karbon using the Help & Feedback tab in your lower left portion of the Tool Bar.  They give you general search areas or you can type a specific question and it will give you several suggested articles to read.

If you can't get your answer on the support site, you can always chat with a live agent by going to Help & Feedback.  At the bottom of that page is “Still can't find what you need”.  Click on this to start a live chat or you can email  The chat feature is super helpful and they provide answers very quickly.  This is one of my favorite features on Karbon.

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I love Karbon Support and the content that Karbon puts out - articles and webinars as amazing resources and logging in to see the New Release pop up is a good day.

I am also all about Trial & Error.  I have learned so much by just trying it out or seeing what my team is doing.