How can I share contacts with my whole team?

  • 1 October 2021
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My team is new to Karbon. I have set up all of our clients and the primary contacts for each (usually the owner and an office manager). This is based on our old client database and my email contacts (imported from Gmail). I added my team to each organization as “other colleagues,” so that they can see communication, work etc for each of our company clients. We are running into an issue and I’m hoping there are solutions even though I can’t find any other topics that cover this: My People contacts are not visible to the rest of my team. The People contacts don’t have the same field to add colleagues, and I don’t see any setting where I can make my contacts universal.


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This article might be useful to read.

If you are trying to share the people in your MY CONTACTS list, that list is individual to you.  They are contacts that you are the Client owner or you are on the client team.  Each person’s list will be different.


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We have our contacts set up so I am marked as the client owner for all clients (we figured that i’m not going to leave) then we make sure that all the other team members need access are added - this way, they can also see the contact details.

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I finally got on a Zoom call with Support and we figured it out! I wanted to share in case anyone else runs into this issue. There is a Details tab for the Organization, which I had already added my team to the Client Team on that page. However, for each person contact, even if the email is already associated with the Organization, you have to go into the Person Contact’s Details page and add your team to the Client Team as well.