Holiday time recording

  • 24 May 2022
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Can i ask what do other practices do in terms of recording holidays on your timesheets, is it billable or unbillable. I am trying to work at getting a more accurate utilization value. 



6 replies

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We have ourselves set up as a contact and our team post their holiday time there as non-billable/non chargeable.

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@Coral  thank you for the reply, so on the utilization on the week they are on holiday it would still effect this for, take for example they are off monday and tuesday it will show the Utilization around 60% for the rest of the week. 




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I don’t have a good way to track this, and I think the way Karbon is currently setup, you will either over or under-state your utilization (putting the time in as billable and non-billable, respectively).

I’m curious to read how others handle this situation.

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We have an INTERNAL GROUP in Karbon where we have grouped all our internal contacts. We then log time to these contacts when the activity is not billable to a specific client. This can include Admin work that supports the firm, client work (like POA creation) that is for a client, but we aren’t billing them for it, and vacation and holiday time.  This allows us to filter out the internal group when looking at reports.

Our Internal Group looks like this:

  • Internal Admin Work
  • Internal Client Work
  • Internal Meetings
  • Internal Training
  • Internal Holiday
  • Internal Vacation
  • Internal Sick Leave
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At the end of the day, it’s the denominator (available hours) that’s probably incorrect, the numerator (away hours) shouldn’t be billable (as it isn’t).

Possible a Feature Idea (have a Task Type that reduces available hours and doesn’t count towards utilisation), but overall I think utilisation is best measured over a longer period of time and in such a way that you’re accounting for people’s holidays (possible sick leave) 🙂 (week to week, the person preparing their timesheet will know whether they were away for a significant number of days - affecting utilisation) 

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I agree with @SamG and since there is no way to adjust the denominator, there isn’t really a good way to handle the situation.

I hope that Karbon continues to build out the time and billing functionality to include some payroll features like vacation (this would be really nice for capacity planning), sick time, etc. that could export to our payroll software.

If anyone makes the Feature Idea, comment the link here and I’ll vote for it. 😀