Help! How many hours is my team budgeted to work?

  • 3 November 2022
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Can someone explain to me about this “allocated” budget thing?  See image below.

So for Isabel, she ‘s got 5h assigned in work items assigned to her.  ok.  But for Haley, what the heck is she budgeted for for the month?  There are 61.5 hours of “work items” with her name on them, but what about the tasks in those work items that she doesn’t do?  Like if she “owns” the month-end close, but a bookkeeper and reviewer do some of the tasks inside of the close work item, does she still have all of those budget hours assigned to her?  Which makes no sense, because she’s not doing those hours.  And what is this allocated?  Is this additional time assigned to her on top of the 61.5?  Maybe it’s say, review hours inside of someone else’s close work item?

Shouldn’t there be a straightforward way to see how many hours Haley is budgeted to work for the month?




3 replies

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Hi @Rachel_Smith, welcome to the Karbon community! 😀

The allocated budget should come from the budgets assigned on the Time and Budget page of different work items:

I also believe that it’s the remaining budget, so if Haley’s allocated time should decrease as she books time to the associated budget items.

Adding budgets to a work item but booking time to the client may leave the budget allocated and not used up appropriately. There’s also some strange behavior to the totals when budgets are allowed to go negative.

I don’t know if that helps at all. 😀

I looked for support articles about the budgeting process, but they are long and not especially helpful. 😕 Perhaps someone else has a good article that would help.

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So are you saying that the budget and the allocated budget are two entirely different things?

And the one I want is maybe the “allocated budget?”

Since we reassign work items to different team members as we go through the process, then maybe the master “budget” is a nonsensical number for us.  I mean I don’t care how many hours Haley is “responsible” for on a moving target that may be assigned to someone else at any moment.  I care about how many hours she’s actually budgeted to work.

And I won’t even ask, but I am guessing there is no way for me to see what makes up those 28 hours of “allocated budget”.

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Hi @Rachel_Smith 

In your example the budget allocated to Haley is 28h 10m which is included in the 61h 30m.

As I understand it for your example


Haley is the assignee for work orders that have a total budget of 61h 30m

Haley has been allocated a budget of 28h 10m on work items where she may be the work assignee or only have tasks to do on work assigned to a team member.  You will see those work items listed under ‘Also working on’ at the bottom of Haley’s column.  In either case she has been named and given a budget on the Time and Budget tab for those work orders.


Isabel is the assignee for work order that have a total budget of 5h

Isabel has not been allocated any time on those work orders - if you go to the Time and Budgets tab for any of the work orders assigned to Isabel you will see this.


I hope that helps,