Font Color of Statuses

  • 7 November 2021
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Does anyone know why some of the statuses show up as green and others do not? What designates a status to show up green or not? I have attached a screenshot for reference.



5 replies

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I believe the green text signals the status of the task is under the Process workflow status. The text is grey for all other workflow statuses.


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Yes think for us it is ‘In Progress’ but same idea, basically work that is currently being worked on I believe.

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All statuses listed under In Progress in your settings - Workflow chart will appear green.  The rest will be white.


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I agree, when the status is green it only means it’s In progress or something you are currently working on. 

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One of the things I’m struggling with as I move to Karbon is the lack of color. Coming from ClickUp, I was able to assign all my statuses different colors so I could tell at a glance where something was by color. Adding this feature into Karbon would be great.