Financial Statement Software -- Looking for suggestions

  • 17 November 2023
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Hi Karbonites,

I’m looking around for a software to help us streamline our financial statement preparation. We have played around with TenkeyATB, but there are a few red flags:

  • The website lags pretty badly when doing regular activities.
  • The saving operations are not straightforward and we have moved ahead without saving and lost progress.
  • It’s way to easy to delete things like account groups, journal entries, etc. without warning or confirmation.
  • The report writer is extremely basic and doesn’t link with the financial statement.
  • Account numbers are required.

I’m curious if anyone has found a software that:

  • Imports data from QBO/Desktop/flat file
  • Allows account grouping and re-classification.
  • Book and tax JEs with good workpaper representations
  • Financial Ratios
  • Visually professional statement and report output
  • Statement-linked report writer with notes library
  • Cloud-native (preferred, but will go self-hosted if necessary)
  • UltraTax line mapping and export (preferred but not required)

Other software I’m exploring, but that I don’t think fit the bill:

3 replies

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I’m reserving this comment for updates. I’ll try to edit it in the future with information you all provide, assuming I’m still able to edit comments. 😊

@max Have you looked at Syft or Live Flow? They don’t provide the same feature set that you’re looking at, but they hit enough of your requirements to be worth a mention. 😊

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Thanks @ffinb, I checked out those links and I find both interesting, but the biggest thing I need is a software that will take a trial balance, we do some work, and it spits out a financial statement. So, we’re less interested in management-type reports like Syft and Live Flow offer and are looking for a tool that will make it easier to produce a specific deliverable we provide for bonding companies and banks.