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I was wondering if there is a way how to filter work items by roles, for example bookkeeper? I would like to have same view as when you filter all work by client manager role (which means you get work items assigned to CM and work items not currently assigned to CM).

Is this possible?


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Hi @Barbora Stranakova 

Since roles are linked to tasks within the work orders it does not look like you can use roles to filter work items.  

You may be able to create a work around by creating a Team that includes all Bookkeepers and filter work assigned to that team.  This won’t be a granular as by role would be but might get you the dashboard you are looking for.

You can create a Team going to Settings - Colleagues - Add Team.  

Once you have created the team you would add Bookkeepers to it.

You may be able to get even more granular with the use of Work Types alongside the Team. 

You can create Work Types through Settings - Workflow

Then you would just need to be sure to include the work type on each work order

As always, having great data (complete and current) in Karbon ensures great dashboards.  This is something we are always working on so I put it here as a reminder to myself as much as anyone else!

Hope this helps

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@Barbora Stranakova Unfortunately right now you can’t do this. 

I posted a feature request on this exact topic a few months ago.

If you can go and upvote, that would be awesome!


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We have everyone in our company assigned to a team and all work is set to a specific work type. Work types are broken into their associated departments. Filtering work dashboards along these two dimensions gives a really clear view of what each team has on their plate.

As always, having great data (complete and current) in Karbon ensures great dashboards.

Completely agree! 😀