Exporting Tasks and templates

  • 14 October 2021
  • 3 replies

Is it possible to download the tasks or templates for tasks.  It would be great if this was possible.

3 replies

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I’ve come across this before - it would be useful to have. The way I did it was by zooming out on my screen to be able to see a bigger number of tasks and then taking a screenshot and pasting on a Word document, then I’d save it as a PDF and export the PDF to an excel spreadsheet :grinning: It’d be great to see if anyone else has better ideas. 

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Yes, unless it as the cloud symbol there is no download option 


It makes sense when you think about the loss of visibility on the status of the task once it is being accessed outside of Karbon but it would be a nice to have option.  The My Week feature may resolve some of the reasons that you want to have the download.

Have you put it as a feature request to the Karbon team?

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Hi Roslyn! Welcome to the community.

Check out this webinar by Ian Vacin that talks about some of the back-end reports that you can request from support that might answer your question.

Is that the kind of information you are looking for?