Error: Client task email failed to sent

  • 20 April 2023
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The tasks in section ‘Business Activity Statement - Information Request’ did not send. Check the sender’s email account is connected to Karbon.
This request will auto retry. To send now, choose ‘Resend Client Tasks’ from the menu on the Client Request Section.


This is showing up in my triage. Client confirmed they haven't changed the email


Best answer by Rebecca Williams 20 April 2023, 19:18

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2 replies

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@Subin Mohammed we’ve had this happen in the past and it’s usually because of one of two reasons:

  1. The person the client task is sent from does not have their email connected to Karbon
    This could be because it’s a dummy or not yet activated email, or maybe the connection between Karbon and the email provider needs to be reset
  2. There is a bug and we’ve reached out to Karbon support who have been able to resolve

Confirm who the task was sent from in the task history, and check that account is fully connected to Karbon. If that doesn’t work, reach out to support ( and they can help troubleshoot!


If it was an issue with the client’s email not existing, you would get a standard bounce-back auto reply.

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We have this issue and it is always because the email is being sent from the person currently assigned to the work.  If that person happens to be our Tax Placeholder, a dummy account, it will fail to send.  You have to change the send settings to have it sent from a specific person and not the work assignee.