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  • 9 November 2021
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We are considering a team member change for a client that we do extensive bookkeeping work for.  We often assign some facets of the work to interns or junior staff and rotate that work so that they get new client experiences.  That said we don’t particularly want our client to be aware that another junior staff or intern is doing their work!  The client emails the currently assigned junior staff with task information, etc.  How do we best use client teams or any other karbon features that would automatically assign emails from this client so that the new intern assigned as well as other team members working with this client will get information needed to do the bookkeeping work?  Does the team member that is the email recipient get the email in his triage and then tags it to the work and that is how the other team members get notification of the email?  Or is there a setting that would put all emails from that client in the triage of all team members?

I am new to karbon and still learning, and am so appreciative of the knowledge of those who have gone before me!

4 replies

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If this is an email that is being generated within a client task, you could do an internal @mention for the team and they would get an email in their triage when new information is added to the task.  This also works for regular emails.  Whomever receives the email tags it to the work item and then @mentions the team.  This will generate a notification in their triage as well.

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A client work will always be assigned to one person, this could be your main team member who will be overlooking the work to make sure it’s always done correctly.

An e-mail or task within the work can be assigned to any other team member and in a note you can @ anyone else so that they are aware.

If you have a trail of e-mails, and you tag in a note multiple team members, they weill receive all new messages in their Triage and be on top of things - I hope this helps. 

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We do this as well, we also use the comments to notify the rest of the team when an actionable item is complete or needs a status update to mitigate any duplication of work.

If a team member needs to assign a ‘shared’ email to themselves they will forward that email to themselves and assign the forwarded email.  They remain on the original email stream, receiving notifications.  

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A good way to address this is to create a distribution list for each client.  Example:  Then, have the client exclusively use that email when emailing your company.  You can then adjust in your email settings who is a member of that distribution list without your client knowing exactly who their messages are going to.  That way the client will never really know when you are switching out junior staff.