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  • 25 September 2021
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Has anyone found a great way of encouraging certain employees away from using other email tools (Outlook, Gmail, etc)?  There is the obvious “stop it or your fired” tactic, but I doubt any of us would like to be that threatening.  I do have my own thoughts, but I am curious how the rest of you have coached through this.

2 replies

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We had a couple of members of staff who automatically logged in to outlook when we first started with Karbon nearly a year ago.

As we were 100% remote at the time, everyone logged in on a whatsapp group feed - we asked them to sign in each day saying ‘morning, hello’ etc, ‘logged in to karbon’. If people didn’t mention it, I would follow up with ‘logged in to Karbon?’ to prompt people to do so. My colleague took this over after a few days.

My understanding is that you need at least 3 weeks to create new habits, so we kept this going for a month until all staff just sighed with, yes, we’ve already logged in to Karbon.

We also have a ‘no internal email’ rule, so many staff had to log in to Karbon to get messages.

I’ve heard that other Karbon users have defaulted the outlook to the calendar so people are discouraged from seeing email - or prompted as a reminder to then open Karbon if they go in to outlook by mistake.

We also do a ‘spotlight Karbon’ session where we share what we’ve learn’t and what has worked well that week- what improvements we can make (always something) - and this helps to keep it front of mind too.

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Coral, those are great ideas!  Whenever someone sends me an email, I respond by internal commenting on that thread.  If they respond back, then I know they are using Karbon.  On a future training I need to mention that for internal communication, Notes are the best way send messages instead of email.

Also, I didn’t know that you could default Outlook to open with the Calendar view.  Is that in the Settings?