Email Insights and Volume of Emails in Triage

  • 10 December 2020
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I use Volume of Emails in Triage as a way to monitor if my team is getting through their daily traige. I really push the message that triage should be cleared out daily.

Being a leader who tries to lead by example, I make sure that my traige is cleared daily -- with the exception of vacation, I make an effort to clear daily.

So I go to check the leaderboard today and I find that I’m leading the pack on the number of emails in triage...92 emails! I can count cleared emails and I know that at no poinit this week have I had 92 emails in a day or even during the entire week. 

How is this metric being calculated and when is the data polled to update the Insight? 


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4 replies

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Hey @mikedoan thanks for your question! I’ve reached out to one of engineers for assistance on this question and it looks like you’ve helped us find a bug - Thank you!! :smile:

They’ve identified the bug to be related to low priority, we expect there to be a fix in the next release! 

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Thats great that the bug has been found but, actually, knowing how the metrics in email insights might be useful.

especially the days to reply calculation.  We seem to have a very high number of hours to reply despite actually clearing triages and replying quickly to some and slightly longer to others.

Also, are internal comments included or is it just incoming/outgoing messages and does the low priority box include in the metric (as this can contain spam or newsletters that generally dont get replied too)

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Hi @Daniel McGuren 

Thanks for the follow up questions! I’ve reached out to our Product team to get some more insight.  Because internal comments aren't emails, they won’t be included whereas the low priority section is included. If low priority messages haven’t been replied to, it will not be included in the response time calculation.

This applies to everything - if you don't reply, you didn't respond and it's not included.

Hope this helps! 

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Coming back to this post. It’s my understanding that client task comments are split in how they are included in the reply metrics. 

  1. If a client responds in a comment bubble, it's not counted as a reply. No email is sent. We just see a notification in triage.
  2. If a team member replies in a comment bubble, an email reply is generated within the email thread of that client task and is counted.

So you can see how that could skew the reply stats. Is this correct? Have there been any updates to email insights in the past year on how and what drives the stats?