Editing Repating Work Items

  • 30 September 2021
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If i create a work item using a template, customise the tasks to fit my clients needs & then create a repeating schedule, what happens if I need to update tasks etc within this work item? 


Example, if  a process changes, how do i edit the work item and ensure the updated details are carried forward on each work item within the repeated schedule? 




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Once you update tasks in a custom work order they will be carried forward to future work orders unless the tasks for the next work order have already been created.

It really depends on these settings when you create the repeating schedule

It is best practice to have the ‘Create Tasks & Budget’ as close to the work start as possible if you are going to be changing the tasks.

Hope that helps!


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If the process changes, you can update the template and publish it.

Then ‘Reset Work’ within the clients work so the updated template can get populated. 

Just make sure that the existing work does not have any notes, comments etc that you need to keep because the revised template will over-ride it.

Hope this helps :)

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If I’m customizing work for a client that has an existing repeating schedule, I always double check the next work item in the series. If tasks have been created already, you can reset the task list to the previous work item pulling over that updated task list. If the tasks have not been created already, I typically just leave it alone knowing that the task list will generate from the previous work item at the scheduled time. 

If the overall process is changing, definitely update the template so that new work created follows the new process. For existing work that has already been customized, it might be more effective to adjust the tasks as needed within the existing work in order to pull them into the repeating schedule but maintain the customization. 

Thankyou. I under stand how to reset the work now to reflect any changes but from what I can see I have to go to each work item that is on the repeating schedule and reset each one back to the new updated template.


Is there is no option to bulk reset work items?


Ideally, I would like to update the Template when needed & these changes flow through to all work created thats on a repeat schedule. Is this possible?




Hi Marie,


If you wish to bulk reset work to templates, you can request so by sending an email to Let them know what things you wish to update and they will put you in contact with your CSM. Be aware that there might be an additional fee for this, which depends on the plan you have with Karbon - but your CSM can confirm this for you when they reach out.


Hope this helps.