"Download All" function in the Note assigned to a team member

  • 10 January 2023
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Is there any way to download bulk documents attached in the Note assigned to me by my team member?


Thank you.

4 replies

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Hi @Yvonne Irene Lustre 

When documents are attached in a Note that is part of a work order you could go to the Documents Tab of that work order and select all of the docs you want to download.

There you will see the list of docs

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the response, V!
But the Note is not part of a Work. It’s just a Note only that was assigned to me. There’s no “Download All” option. I have to click each file to download manually.



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I have not tried it, but you might be able to hold ctrl (windows) or cmd (mac) and click on each one to download them a little more quickly. Even the download all button for client requests downloads each file individually instead of in a zip file. 😕

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Ahh, @Yvonne Irene Lustre I get it. 

I guess one option may be to create a work order for this purpose.  You could have a work order ‘Documents for Yvonne’ that you team could use, have it repeating monthly and close it out each month so it doesn’t get too busy if it’s something that happens often.  

Thinking out loud here...