Do you have a client that is doing amazing things?

  • 10 January 2023
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OK! You may have heard of the Accounting Leaders Podcast? Or you may not have. Doesn’t matter! Either way, this might be of interest to you, our esteemed Karbon customer.

I’m looking for a partner or director of a firm to come on the podcast with an interesting or exciting or different or beloved client of yours. This client should be doing amazing things in the world. They might have grown a successful retail business or they could be saving the planet or curing cancer. The point is that their story must be interesting.

What’s also important is your relationship with this client. I really want to hear from them what you mean to them as a client of your firm and what they mean to you. The journey that you have been on together is what really matters.

If you have clients that come to mind, then I would love to hear from you. Reach out to me here or at stuart@ you know the rest!

And yes - if we feature you on the podcast, I’ll get you some Airpods!

3 replies

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Stu saw where he stands on the Karbon community leaderboard and started double-posting 😉 jkjk.

I think it’s a really cool idea. I cannot think of any of our clients fitting the profile you want, but I’m eager to hear from other firms. 😀

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I didn’t know that was a thing! But any help here you can offer Max would be great. I’m sure you have some interesting stories in your client base. Have a think and promote around so we can keep this moving 👍

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Okay, think done and I have some candidates. I’m not sure if these meet your criteria so I’ll leave them here for other’s clarification as well. 😀

  • Business success: 100% woman-owned business started from scratch and passing $30M this year.
  • Veteran support: A new business launching to help employers find and hire military veterans.
  • Humanitarian activism: One of the spouses of one of our clients is an activist against and regularly speaks about human trafficking.

If any of those hit the mark, I’ll contact them about the possible opportunity and email you more details.