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  • 12 February 2022
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Is there a way to set a default setting in Work.  I prefer the list view, but the system defaults to the Kaban view.

3 replies

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Hi William,


That’s a really good question.  I’ve done some digging and don’t see that it is an option to choose a different default setting.  Hopefully someone here will prove me wrong.

You can submit an idea by selecting the Help and Feedback menu item in Karbon and then submit an idea that will make Karbon even better.



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Hi @William Mertz 

Not a default but you could save a list view as your go-to dashboard.  It is a couple of extra clicks but I have found that once I had created a few dashboards that I liked I would use those as my ‘default’ when creating any new ones.




Also, new ideas can now be submitted right here in the community under the Feature Ideas tab at the top and the bonus there is that you can see as your idea gathers interest.

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I have thought this also, but as I have started to use My Week, I find myself going to “work” less and less.  I mainly go to Work when I need something specific or to double check to make sure My Week didn’t miss any important items, so I have relied on the saved views. 

But, I still like the idea of being able to save the default view!