Date range for insights

  • 9 October 2021
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Can Karbon add the date range to any date range like what we can select in utilisation report in Karbon?

Currently, we only has month to month for last 6 months, but if we do the performance tracking on a half-year or annual period, we to manual add up and calculate. This should be a simple thing for Karbon to improve.



3 replies

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Great question. I think adding a “Customer” date range selection feature in the date selection of insights would be nice. You should suggest this in feature request section of Karbon help.

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Hi Mike!

I love the idea of having more control over the insights page. As it is now, I really don’t rely on the insights page at all, especially since we return client documents through the work item, so they are never actually “Completed” on the correct date, so the KPIs are all off.. This is getting fixed with the new portal currently in development.

When you as a question here in the community, you are asking other Karbon users who have no control over what changes and advancements that Karbon makes. The Karbon product team has a standard way to submit feedback to their planning team through the “Make a suggestion” section of the Karbon website, and I don’t believe they spend much time on the community looking for ideas.

Have you put your idea through the make a suggestion section? I’ll do it, too, since they pay attention to the volume of suggestions around a similar topic.

We would appreciate the customization of the date range in insights too! We have weekly meetings and it would be great if we maximize the use of Karbon by using insights as a sort of “presentation” since it shows a bit of an analysis from what was done from the previous period.