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Is there a way to link associated contacts? At present, the only thing I can see is to add a “person” to an “organization”. Many times, the associated contact does not work for the organization. They may be a lawyer, a wealth manager, a referral source, a gardener… 


I’ve been adding my clients name to the notes section of each associated contact hoping “that” would at least help me refine search results. Even that doesnt work. 


Can we add a section for “associated contacts” in the details page? Can we make it easy to attach contacts together that work for different organizations?


CRM basics when dealing with thousands of contacts… How do I know this person ? When did I meet them? Who are they associated with? 





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@Mitch Waldstein I use the method you discuss by adding the individual as a separate Contact and then adding multiple Contact Cards to the individual for each each Organization they are Associated with. For example, X number of my clients use the same Financial Advisor. The Details tab of the Financial Advisor will have a Separate Contact card for each client with Financial Advisor as the Role. Maybe not what you are looking for, however it works. 

Hi Mitch! My group is relatively new to Karbon so not sure if this is what you are looking for. We link things like referral partners through client groups. When creating a work ticket this then gives us the option to select related client organizations to tie to the work.