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Is it possible to add an additional box in the contqct details to sav ethe company authentication code ? 

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@Aaron Gilmore For anything non-standard like that, we usually add to the Notes box in the Accounting Details area.  This is also helpful for adding local business license numbers, payroll tax account numbers, etc.

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@BrooksW  Thank you, This wouldn't normally be classed as a non standard this is a code we need to get from all Limited Companies. 

Like were we add the VAT Numbers / PAYE Codes Etc it would be good if we could have a filed here for Limited COmpanies to put the Authentication Code 


A company authentication code is a 6 character alphanumeric code provided by Companies House when your company is formed. It acts as an electronic signature, and it must be provided every time you wish to file electronic documents or make online changes to your clients details.

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Hi @Aaron Gilmore!

Karbon is used by accounting firms around the world, which is pretty cool, but also means that it isn’t customized to meet the needs of any specific country. Here in the US, it would be nice to have an additional field for statutory due dates, and we would have no use for a Limited Company Authentication Code. We don’t even have limited companies like you do. 😀

However, Karbon is always looking to improve and make things better for everyone using the platform. You can add a feature idea and other people can vote up ideas that they like. This helps things get on the development calendar.

Does that help at all?