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  • 15 September 2022
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Just wondering if there are any plans for Karbon to release any updates to manage the new client verification process coming in later this year?  i.e. custom fields in details?

Also interested in if any Karbon users have discussed how they will manage this within Karbon or do you have plans to manage elsewhere?


Thank you in advance

4 replies

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Thank you for your post.


Our team is happy to look further into this. Can you confirm what kind of custom fields you are after? If possible, can you provide more details around this? 

Hi Aliesa, 

The custom fields we would need per the legislation include verification method, date and details I would assume i.e. Drivers license.  I can see XPM have imbedded the below however this could be better. If the information could be requested via client requests perhaps.  Keen to hear what Karbon feel would be a best practice approach for clients to meet these new regulations. 



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Hi @Michelle Turner 

Thank you for your reply.


I will share this information with my team and I will send you an update as soon as I know more.


I’m keen to hear your update on this too