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  • 22 March 2022
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We have emails that are sent to our entire team in outlook so the individual email addresses are not included.  So the first issue is the BCC issue which we see discussed.  For now we are working around that by forwarding the email then saving it.  But we got an email that related to SBA loan forgiveness that we want the entire team to be able to see.  Emails like that we’d to attach to our team but emails appear to be only able to attach to work or contacts.  Is there anyway to attach it to the team so everyone on our team can have access?

BTW thank you for all the people who have helped me with our questions.  It’s quite an impressive community.

5 replies

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@Dan Yamamoto For situations like this, I have created a contact called “<your company> - Team.”  As long as that contact is set to Public, everyone can see it, but if you want only a smaller team to see it, you can add colleagues under Client Team in the contact Details and set it to Private.

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One way to augment what @BrooksW suggested is to use the @all tag in Karbon to put the email on everyone’s Triage. They will need to handle it from there by either forwarding to themselves or filing the information some other way.

If you want to scope down the group that gets notified on certain items, you can setup teams in Karbon:

This will create a new @team tag you can use (example: @tax or @bookkeeping)

It could be a way to stimulate conversation around the email where all tagged staff/teams can write comments in one place.

Does that make sense? Does it help at all?

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It does help and thanks.  The problem we have is we send the email that everyone should see to the Group which has no names so you get that BCC message.  Then someone has to forward that email to the team.  I guess what we are looking for is a storage bucket for those informational type emails so that everyone doesn’t have to save that email themselves.  We have a team called CAS but you can’t tag a team it doesn’t seem like.

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Does it have to be an email? Is it possible to use a more robust method to disseminate important information, or are these emails coming into your firm from somewhere else?

If they are getting generated by your firm, you could create a contact for the appropriate information context and post notes to that contact. (Tagging a Karbon group works well here)

If you need to verify that your team takes some kind of action, you can build a work template that has individual assignments already set up for each team member. Create the work under the appropriate internal  contact to maintain historical information context.

Another option would be to use Teams, Slack, gChat, etc. We have teams set up in Microsoft Teams for important announcements and conversations. All of the history is presented in chronological order.

It’s a different way of thinking, but it can be much more engaging and strategic than blasting out emails to staff and hoping they take action.

 What do you think?

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I will explore using teams to do things like that.  The particular item in question just happened to be an email and in many caess it is but there are articles and other items that we want saved so anyone can go look at them in a central place.  I am going to look into teams.  I may come back and ask you @max  if it’s functionality that I don’t find easily (I am new to my firm < 6 months and I have never used teams before)