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  • 1 September 2021
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I don’t know about all of you, but our client tasks are received in junk/spam folders all the time. This is very annoying because they don’t see it!

Do you have any hacks/ideas to stop this from happening? Or to help clients find the email?

We have added a small note in our booking confirmation email to let them know the checklist may go to their junk folder.


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Someone from Karbon may be able to answer the technical side of things, but I think the emails are coming from your email account and Karbon is just the program that helps organize and send your emails. My understanding is that the emails are not being sent on your behalf from Karbon.

If I’m right, that means that something in the way that you are formatting your emails may be triggering the spam filters. I have read in other places that having too many links in your email body can trigger spam filters. The checklist will already be one link, and if you have several links in your email signature, it might be too many and tripping spam filters.

Another thing I’ve read is that having unique information in the subject line can help. Karbon helps with this by letting you add the contacts name, name of the work item, and client name via tags.

The article linked below is geared towards email marketers, but has some good suggestions that may apply to your emails as well.



Does any of that help?

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We are having the same problem and our person’s suggestion was to make sure our clients have us in their contacts so emails don’t go to Spam. I don’t care for this as it is just a work around.