Client request emails sent multiple times

  • 29 November 2023
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Hello, I noticed during testing that every time I send an email to a client (whether it was an automated one  from a work template or just from the create a new email button), the emails were always sent more then once.


Sometimes, they are sent more then twice. When I created a work item and had the client request sent automatically from the template, the same email was sent to the client 8 times.


However, one thing I noticed was that even though the email was sent 8 times, the “MANAGE CHECKLIST” button did not work for any of the emails (showing up with an access error), except for the very first one that was sent in the chain of emails. After clicking the button in the first email, the buttons in the other 7 same exact emails would work fine.


Why is this the case and how can I resolve this issue?


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Hi @Quynh Ngo,

I’ve never noticed that. It sounds like a bug/issue that support would need to investigate and resolve for you 🙂 You can see how to contact support, here:

Does that help?