Client Request E-mail not sending

  • 7 September 2023
  • 3 replies

Yesterday 2 of my client request e-mails did not send out, has anyone else had this issue? 

3 replies

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@Renee Sparrow I recommend getting on Chat with Karbon. I have not experienced this before. They should be able to see what may be creating the issue.

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Yes, this has happened to us a few weeks back, where approximately 50 or so client task request emails did not go out as scheduled. I chatted with Karbon’s help and they were able to manually push them out. However, please be aware that if reminders are set up with the client task, those will not go as scheduled. Our reminders were sent out at varying times following the manual email push. 


I suspect this may be happening to a handful more firms who just don’t notice it. I did not find out what caused the issue. 

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Oh wow.. I hate bugs that fly under the radar (ydkwydk) 😓 as others mentioned, contact support 🤞🏾