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  • 13 September 2022
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Just a thought.

Would it be great if, once the client had completed their tasks, the work item would show as completed for them and move into an “ongoing section” until the work item is fully complete.

If more tasks are added, it would move back in to their “to do” list.

Please make it happen as it would be awesome.



8 replies

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Hi @Paco de Leon! 😀

You can use automations in Karbon to change the status of work items when clients complete client requests.

Here’s an example:

Here’s how you would set it up:

Does that help at all?

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Hi Max

I’m thinking in the client portal…

So here, all of the tasks under this work item relating to the client are complete. (But its still sat in “open requests”)

And it still says “Due Monday”

It will stay showing the due date until the item status is “completed” (By us once all tasks are complete)

Ideally, if they have finished their bit it should show as complete as far as they are concerned.

The current status options on the portal are Open Requests and Completed, but it would be great to have an “In Progress” knowing its being done and they have completed their bit.

Obviously if we add more tasks it to the work item it should go back to Open requests to highlight that they have more to do.

Hmmmmm, maybe this is a feature request… Lol.

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@Paul Clarke this sounds like a great feature request! If I’m understanding right, there would almost be a separate status tracker for clients where the checklist section shows as “Complete” even if the work is ongoing, in addition to the current Completed checklists section which are fully completed work items.

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Hi Rebecca

Correct.  So it would show like this in the client portal.

Open Requests (Items for the client to look at and work through)

In Progress (Work items that we are still working on that are not completed by us, but all client tasks are complete)

Completed (Completed work)

This way they can easily see what is required and not have to open each work item to see where they are up to.

Also, if they complete their items (moving it to “In Progress”), when we add additional tasks for them to the work item it will put it back into “Open Requests” for them to address.

I think this has been overlooked and we have a lot of work items for clients, so want to make it as easy as possible for them.

As bookkeepers, we have Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc requests for clients, so this feature would be awesome.

Do you know how I would request this - I’m new to the portal…



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Hi @Paul Clarke 

I love this idea - to create a feature request go to the 

above - and then let us know here so we can upvote it!


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Post the link to the feature request here once it is created.  I think we all would like to vote for this idea.

I would love a section where the client can see that their tasks have been completed, but the work is still being completed by us. Great idea!

Love this idea, we have just implemented the client portal and our clients are definately looking to see their items ‘clear’ from Open requests once they have actioned their checklist items. 

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Here’s the link to the feature request @Paul Clarke created if anyone in this thread hasn’t voted yet!