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I see in main screen of client information Client Group. How does this work?

I have a client that has over 50 businesses and I would like to group them, so I only send him 1 email and not over 50.

We have a work item for the BOI and want to send all client reminders of filing. I am trying to save us time and not over burden them with same email. 

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Hi @Linda Heidler, welcome to the Karbon community! 😁

Client groups are for grouping clients together that have the same ownership or financial structure. You can read about it more here:

There isn’t currently a way to send mass emails through Karbon, however, you may find some of the client group features useful.

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@Linda Heidler, Welcome!

A couple items. First, we use MailChimp for doing mass communication emails (many tools other than MC would work). We have found it is the better tool in situations like you describe. As @max said, Karbon does not natively do mass emails.

The one item I learned about groups (briefly discussed at the bottom of the link Max provided) is the grouping hierarchy. Similar to your client I have one with multiple rental businesses and automotive repair shops. I had originally created a group for all of the rentals and one for all of the repair shops and then a top level group for the clients personal return plus all of the individual entities. I thought this would allow me to see work at each group level (ie. Go to the Auto shop group and see all of the work for each entity, and then go to the parent group and see that plus all of the work for all entities), it does not work that way. Karbon limits this to the first grouping only that an individual client belongs to. So I had to determine what was most important. For me it was the parent grouping so I could see all work. I then had to make changes to each client/business to ensure the parent group was the first identified for it.