Client Group timelines

  • 13 November 2023
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Is there an easy way to search a client group timeline for an email? I know I can do a general search of all of Karbon items, but is there a way to search in just the clients related to a single client group? Do we need to add all the correspondence to the client group timeline?


Eg if I wrote to one of the Smiths about super but can’t remember who, I don’t want to have to search through every timeline for A Smith, B Smith, C Smith, etc, and searching for “super” in all Karbon items returns too many results.

2 replies

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Unfortunately not.. the filters won’t let you select a group only a Contact or Organisation (which I suppose you are usually emailing).

If your Contacts are saved well, the search is pretty good to be able to find things using the filters available (and adding a name “Smith” to your search).. but no way to search all emails to anybody in the group.


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You can do this in the Client Group timeline, but this relies on the email being tagged to the group. If an email is tagged to a member of the group, it won’t automatically tag to the group. If you’re diligent about always tagging to the group as well as a member, then you can search the group timeline directly.