Client Group naming

  • 26 January 2023
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When naming the client groups, what is the best approach to take? Do we use the main clients name? Does anyone have any ideas for us please?

4 replies

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Hi @Catelynn Oosthuizen, welcome to the Karbon community! 😁

It sounds like you might know this, but I would not recommend using client groups as clients.

What we do is use the name that makes the most sense. If the client is known mostly by the main company, we use the company name and append “group” to the end.

Acme Limited Group contains Acme Limited, Acme RE Partners, Georgia Equipment Corp., etc.

Some of our clients do not have a primary company and are better known by their name, so we make groups like “Smith Family Group” etc.

I’m sure some others have better schemes, so I’m curious to hear what they say. 😀

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@Catelynn Oosthuizen  We generally use the last name of the client and append with Family for those where it is just the Parents and Kids who need to file. For businesses we still use the last name of the family and append with Empire. There would only be one Client Group for those with businesses that includes all of the family returns and business returns.

And at times we have a little fun with it as in the case of one client whose last name is Miller. Their client group is called ‘We’re the Millers’ because why not, darn funny movie.

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Hi @Catelynn Oosthuizen 

We also use the Client Name with Group or Group of Companies as the name for the client group.

Within any group we will have contact types like the following

Client - Corporation

Client - Client Contact

Client - Individual

I actually inherited this format recently so I am still sorting it out!

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We use client groups for our clients where we do a personal return and business returns or where there are multiple business return from one group. 

The naming convention is Last name of the owner/ Main business name.  So Jones/ Acme Group or if it is just businesses we will have Washington Group or the Main business name Group.

We add all the people involved to the members tab.  This allows us to have banker contacts or financial advisors listed in one spot.